Stickad halsduk Handgjord julklapp Handvävd Italiensk ullstickad Lyx Fin sjal bröllop brud varm lång pashmina stickad stor filt gestrickte Stola mode edelgarn vill Fin loop unisex herr organisk Virkad Mössa Kvinnor Biker Style Hatt Vinter Mössa Fall Trendiga hattar Gåvor

A small family artisan produces

superior quality handmade natural fibers products

direct from the best Italian manufacturers

with zero waste and no retail mark-up.

Worldwide shipment in 2 days

Вязальные спицы
"We create unique models from the wool thread, which combines our creativity
with our manual skills"
Wogau family

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Our new models

Strikket skjerf Håndlaget julegave Håndvevet Italiensk ullstrikk Luksus Fin Sjal bryllup brud varm lang strikket stort teppe mote ønsker kashmir Fin tykk mann unisex menns organiske Kvinner Croschet Hatter Gaver mellomtiden er det ikke behov for å vite om det.

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About «Wogau boutique»

The Wogau boutique is a small family artisan workshop since 1968 and now we decided to open an online store, keeping up with the times.

We carefully handpick the best Italian makers – along with their sustainable, luxury yarns.

We produce natural fibers by hands and with manual machines, without an engine, creating unique and authentic models, which could not be easily reproduced with industrial machines.


Each garment is made with passion and dedication, and it is hand finished down to the last detail, guaranteeing an excellent quality.

We produce superior quality handmade products direct from the best Italian manufacturers with zero waste and no retail mark-up. Our motto is "Buy Less, Buy Better".

this is a new concept of buying luxury quality.

Explore our site and check out the latest catalog. If you have a question or need advice - write or call us. We will be happy to help. Have a nice shopping.


Go shopping ==> Hats & scarves ==> Shawls & wraps 

Куча свитеров

“Buy less, buy better,

  and really wear it.”


  Michael Bastian

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Germany, Moellenwegg, 44, Vreden, 48691

+49 176 234 180 77

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